The Ruquet and Signal Monument at St-Laurent

The main divisions that disembarked at Omaha were :

  • The 29th U.S. division
  • The 1st U.S. division
  • The 2nd U.S. division
Omaha beach was divided into several sectors:

  • Charlie
  • Dog Green
  • Dog White
  • Dog Red
  • Easy Green
  • Easy Red
  • Fox Green
  • Fox Red
  • Georges.
ruquet_1 ruquet_2
The main exit from the beach was at a place called “Les Moulins” at exit “D3” where the signal monument now stands near the beach. Between Colleville-sur-mer, St-Laurent, and Vierville, 15 German defensive positions remained in action from the landings onwards.
ruquet_3 ruquet_4